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        Company Profile News Intelligent Manufacture Lean Production

        Weather Tech (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 (originally named New Precise Ningbo Instrument Co., Ltd.). Over the last 30 years focusing on research and development of precise instruments, Weather Tech has been striving to supply supreme quality and services to our customers all over the world. We design, develop and manufacture to the high standards and convert them into successful flexible solutions. Our product ranges from Weather products, Thermometers and hygrometers, Rain gauges & timers, Medical measurements with more than a thousand of items.


        Hygrometer Thermometer, Sensor Probe Thermometer, Oven/Grill Thermometer, Water Sensor, Garden Collection, Rain Gauge, Kitchen Timer.

        Weather Tech strictly sticks to the strategic orientation “ Expertise and Precision”, seamlessly implements on every individual production processes from design, material selection, function testing ect. With an area of 20,000 square meters, Weather Tech International Industrial Park is built in a friendly and modernized production environment. Based on SAP-ERP system as the managerial platform, office automation provides great supports to our efficiency and productivity. We invested the first domestic automated production line of material cutting, welding, erecting, verifying in 2016. The yield breakthrough export volume 20 million units.

        Brand concept orientates the strategic development, Weather Tech has always been obsessed in initiative technology and supreme quality. Every individual items has to pass the whole quality assurance processes from material, molding, printing, assembly, design, construction, function, precision testing, we creates the precision quality with it’s scientific attitude. Our quality assurance studio is equipped with the imported advanced temperature calibration instruments at high precision to 0.01°C.

        Initiative strides forward with the spirit of Weather Tech, as far as today. Weather Tech has achieved over 60 national patents for research on core modules, technology processes, designs ect. We has been enjoying high reputation for precision quality and initiative intelligent manufacturing in domestic and abroad. Total turnover of year 2017 achieved 26 million US dollars.

        Over long term interaction with European & American Culture and Foreign Industrial Civilization, Weather Tech has forged international vision and ultimate pursuit for exacting standard quality. Focusing on precision since the foundation, Weather Tech is striding to a new prospects of flourishing "To become a great company".

        MissionFocus on initiative

        VisionTo become a great company

        ValueWith the integration of Integrity, Entrepreneurism
        and products as we called "Three Traits"

        Create Maximum Value for customers by supplying high standard products and service, Fulfill market needs by technology innovation.

        As a company pursuing excellence, apart from supplying the top standard products and service worldwide, Weather also devotes to society obligations and commitments.

        Weather is driven forward by it’s mission, vision and core value. Every hardworking individuals forges our company culture and accelerates the company development.